Why Postbiotics

Why Postbiotics

At Ygia, we’re all about the microbiome.

The microbiome is a body’s first line of defense. Made up of more than trillions of bacteria, it also contains all sorts of other great things like enzymes, proteins (that breakdown food) and special health benefiting metabolites called postbiotics. Working together with the pet’s digestive system, these microorganisms protect them from infection while improving the function of the immune system.

1st Generation: Prebiotic, Probiotic | 2nd Generation Proteobiotic

Postbiotics are naturally occurring molecules. They result from probiotics and yield specific health benefits. More effective than probiotics alone, postbiotics work faster to reduce the signs of infection and support a healthy immune system. Ygia products  either contain or are prepped to produce a specific type of postbiotic, called proteobiotics. While studies continue, postbiotics have demonstrated the ability to

  • promote good gut bacteria
  • establish, reestablish and maintain gut balance
  • reduce impact of harmful pathogens
  • treat gut dysbiosis including diarrhea

Ygia is the only probiotic producer to combine the health benefit of a specially selected probiotic strain (La-21) with its unique postbioitcs to create a line of tailor-made products for your furry family member. To learn more visit our FAQs  or our products pages to find out how Ygia can help your dog or cat today.

WHY Postbiotics?

Stomach upset. Nausea. Diarrhea. Probiotics have been proven to help restore and balance guts, increasing overall health and wellness, both for humans and for pets. But, we asked ourselves: what if there was a way to harness the benefits of probiotics AND promote long-term health? As it turns out, this was a great question to ask.

Your pet’s gut lining is covered with numerous microorganisms, the bacteria along with the metabolites, genes, proteins, and mucus they produce, make up the components of the microbiome. Each microorganism that is present in a healthy microbiome plays a unique and valuable role in maintaining our overall gut health. Recent advances in technology have led to the discovery of postbiotics. At Ygia, we’ve focused on a specific type of postbiotic we call proteobiotics, which have been demonstrated to disrupt communication of harmful bacteria on the cellular level, working more effectively than probiotics alone in re-establishing gut health and balance.

So, what does this mean for your pet? Gut imbalance – including diarrhea and other types of stomach upset – are the result of dysbiosis. This means your dog or cat gets sick because there is an imbalance in their microbiome. Restoring and maintaining balance is key to helping pets feel their best and limiting the impact of pathogenic bacteria that may be present.


In an unhealthy gut, harmful bacteria use cell-to-cell communication to talk to each other.


Probiotics produce proteobiotics to target bacteria and interfere with their communications, disrupting their ability to infect and spread.


In doing this, proteobiotics suppress bacteria and limits their impact.

Why La-21?

Through our research, we discovered the way a body’s microbiome naturally heals itself. In searching for the best probiotic to support this, we isolated L. acidophilus 21 (or La-21), which thrives in dog and cat intestines. There it works to restore balance and promote optimal gut health. Beyond packing all the benefits of a probiotic, La-21 also has superior postbiotic-producing power, which helps to support the microbiome’s ability to heal itself.

Ygia is the only postbiotic-focused pet wellness company. Each of our products is founded in our proteobiotic technology and has been tailored to suit your pet’s specific needs, working to quickly restore and support their optimal gut health.

Healthier tummies, happier pets.  Welcome to the probiotic revolution.

Benefits of Ygia Products:

  • Contains specific formulations of probiotics and/or postbiotics, proven to support optimal intestinal health
  • Promotes health and vitality of good gut bacteria
  • Supports and strengthens natural immune responses
  • Easy to use – sprinkle recommended dose of palatable powder on pet’s food as directed

Clinically effective and scientifically advanced, YGIA products work faster to restore and maintain pet gut health and foster overall wellness.


We know, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but we love the inspiration behind it. It’s pronounced ee-g-ya, and comes from the name Hygeia – the goddess of healing.

Postbiotics are parts of the body’s natural microbiome make up. They work to support a healthy microbiome barrier, breakdown foods properly and keep the microbiome balance of health bacteria to unhealthy bacteria in check.

When a microbiome is out of balance – dysbiosis – upset, often experienced as diarrhea, results. Ygia’s products have been specially formulated to quickly restore and maintain your pet’s microbiome, not only helping them feel better, but also promoting the optimal functioning of the microbiome, resulting in long-term health.

L. acidophilus 21, or La21, has been specifically formulated to stimulate the production of specific postbiotics called proteobiotics. La21 was selected because of its superior ability to both produce proteobiotics and to also increase the natural Lactobacillus ratio in your pet’s gut.

Each Ygia product – Ygia 14, Ygia Wellness and Ygia Feline – contains a special combination of prebiotic, probiotic or postbiotic depending on your animal’s needs.

Postbiotics are produced when probiotic bacteria naturally grow in nature. Probiotics can also be grown in a fermentation system that provides specific nutrients and conditions to maximize the production of postbiotics, and specific postbiotic components. Ygia’s proprietary probiotic is L. acidophilus 21, or La21. The production process used to produce Ygia, results in the maximum production of specific postbiotics, which we call proteobiotics. This product can then be separated and used in our products to help restore gut dysbiosis quickly.

Postbiotics are naturally occurring molecules, and are therefore safe to take. Ygia has carefully selected our strain of probiotic – L. acidophilus 21, or La21 – and prebiotic – inulin – not only because they create effective postbiotics – which we call proteobiotics – but also because they are broad spectrum (address numerous pathogens) and easy to digest. Our Ygia 14 and Ygia Feline products have active proteobiotics in them to quickly and effectively restore gut balance during times of distress, and Ygia Wellness was specially formulated to prime your pet’s ability to produce proteobiotics on their own.

Postbiotics are part of the body’s natural microbiome make up.  We need them to support a healthy microbiome barrier, breakdown foods properly and keep the microbiome balance of healthy bacteria to unhealthy bacteria in check.

To find out more check out this TED Talk on how bacteria communicate, go to The Scoop section of our website, follow us on social (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), or reach out to us directly.  We love to talk about your pet’s needs and how our products and technology can help. So, don’t be shy.

All probiotics produce postbiotics, but some are much better at this than others. This is why we have a team of dedicated researchers looking at different probiotic strains to see which one produce the best and most specific postbiotic molecules, as well as how we can maximize the production of the best postbiotic molecules.

We understand that your dog or cat is more than a pet. They are a part of the family. As the only life sciences company dedicated to postbiotics, our goal is to find ways to harness the power of postbiotics to help ensure your pet is feeling, and looking, its best. Ygia is the fast growing Canadian vet-recommended probiotic brand. We’re proud of our product and invite you to join us on the probiotic revolution.