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      When I adopted my 1-year-old chihuahua, Kenny, he developed diarrhea. At first, he was diagnosed with hookworm and successfully treated, but a few weeks later the diarrhea came back.

      I tried many different foods, but his stools were never great. He was on metronidazole on and off for months, sometimes for two weeks at a time.

      I was then introduced to YGIA and thought I would give it a try. After only a couple of days of being on it, I noticed his stools were much improved, and in combination with a low-fat diet, he was diarrhea-free for months! He has been (unofficially) diagnosed with IBD so he gets flare ups every now and again, even on a strict diet, but I have not had to use metronidazole again – I just add YGIA  to his food and his diarrhea usually clears up within 24 hours. It’s an amazing product!
      Lily Salazer

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